A city tour is just the thing to explore Potsdam. For those who want to immerse themselves individually and at their own pace in the moving history of the city, there are mobile city tours in the app "Potsdam City Guide". They can be quickly and easily saved on your own smartphone or tablet - and completely free of charge.

The app "Potsdam City Guide" is available in the iTunes App Store (macOS devices) and Google Play Store (Android devices) in German and English. Due to the large amount of data, it is recommended to download the app via wifi.

Tours in the app

  • Through Potsdam with Friedrich II – King Friedrich II, master builder Jan Bouman and Countess Wilhelmine von Lichtenau chat about the most beautiful places like the Old Market or the Dutch Quarter. Step by step, the three of them guide you through Potsdam and talk about the buildings and places along the way.
  • Sights in Potsdam – Each monarch shaped Potsdam's cityscape in his or her own way. The tour leads to important sights such as the Brandenburg Gate or the New Palace.
  • Barrier Zone in the park landscape (from Glienicke Bridge to Bertini-Enge) – The tour leads along the "Achtung Grenze" stele path on the banks of the River Havel and Lake Jungfernsee, from Glienicke Bridge past Villa Schöningen, Cecilienhof Country House and the Meierei to Bertini-Enge. It explains the conditions in this area at the time of the German division and informs about backgrounds in connection with the GDR border regime.
  • In the shadow of the iron curtain (from Bertini-Enge to Glienicke Bridge) – The tour leads from Bertinistrasse first past stately villas, which are just as much a topic as Cecilienhof Country House with the New Garden. In addition, it is about the "Military Town No. 7" of the Russian secret service as well as the military liaison missions of the Western Allies. The tour ends at the Glienicke Bridge.